Discover Finnish Arctic Lapland with Visit Levi at ITB India

Visit Levi is opening travel to Finnish Arctic Lapland for Autumn 2021. We asked Visit Levi Managing Director Yrjötapio Kivisaari to tell us a little more about his organisation and what visitors to ITB India can learn about this extraordinary place.

We are the largest DMC in the area, with deep knowledge of the destination. If you are looking for a partner in Lapland and you wish to add a new unique destination to your selection, come to meet us.

Levi is a year-round holiday destination in Finnish Arctic Lapland, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle. We are famous for having the cleanest air in the inhabited world, the purest water and magical nature. A small village of 1,000 people every year hosts over 750,000 guests who want to experience the Northern Lights, golf among reindeer, visit Santa and the Elves, meet the Husky dogs, or participate in unforgettable nature adventures.

Visit Levi and companies in the area have strongly focused on making all experiences safe for our visitors.  Once the borders are open again, we are ready to welcome Indian guests safely to Levi, Lapland.

How important is the Indian outbound market for your region, and what are the projections for the future?

The Indian market is fairly new for us, yet very precious. We believe that Levi, Lapland is a perfect fit for experienced Indian travellers who wish to explore something truly unique.

We have the ‘biggest small village’ in the world. The lively village offers nice boutiques, different types of accommodation, activity providers and spa experiences. We also understand Indian visitors’ need for great dining experiences and therefore we are proud to say we have over 60 restaurants offering great vegetarian options and a wide variety of cuisine, from authentic Lappish cuisine to rich-flavoured Asian cuisine. If, for some reason, you don’t find a restaurant to match your preferences, your group is also welcome to bring their own chef to cater for your guests.

Before the pandemic, we started to bring the message about Levi to the Indian market. This upcoming year we wish to continue our work, focusing our product development and marketing in such a way that in the future we can welcome even more Indian guests to Levi.

What would you say are the three “key selling points” of Levi as a destination for Indian outbound travellers, and what kind of travellers are you hoping to attract?

The first is our magical nature, with the cleanest air in the inhabited world. Nature in Levi is truly unique as it keeps changing all the time. For example, during autumn, visitors can admire mother nature as she dresses up in colours of yellow, orange and red, with, during the night-time, the Northern Lights flaming in the skies.

The second is the light phenomenons: the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. Northern Lights season in Levi is very long. It starts at the end of August and ends in the beginning of April. To the contrary, during summer, we have 51 days when the sun doesn’t set at all – truly wondrous.

The Northern Lights

And the third is the variety and range of the offering: the destination offers a wide variety of over 500 excursions, that can be experienced all year round. No matter whether the visitor wants to enjoy the outdoors or get an adrenaline thrill; pamper themselves in the nature or step in to fantasy, we have something for everyone. 

On top of that, Levi has a capacity of over 25,000 beds. Guests can find accommodation of all types in hotels, holiday apartments, log cabins and several different kinds of Northern Lights accommodation. Whatever sparks your soul, you will find it in Levi.

What are your thoughts about the organisation of the first edition of ITB India?

Once we saw that ITB was organising an event focused on the Indian market, we were thrilled. This event gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our old and new contacts from India.

The overall experience has been great. Registration to the event was simple and fast, the virtual booth platform is also easy to use and the matchmaking app has worked seamlessly. Our heartfelt thanks goes especially to the event team members, who have been so helpful and quick to assist with any questions on the way. We wish successful meetings for everyone.

Please don’t hesitate to set up a meeting with our representative Satu Peura and pop into our booth to see what Levi has to offer.