Zagreb touts the charms of Central Europe

Zagreb is a perfect alternative to the large metropolises of Central Europe. Its architecture is reminiscent of Budapest or Vienna, its gastronomy is exceptional, while the city offers many opportunities for shopping, arts and culture.

The city will surprise visitors discovering the capital of Croatia with its typical Central European atmosphere and unique charme. With 850,000 inhabitants, the city is large enough to offer a cosmopolitan flair comparable to Prague or Vienna. But it is small enough to be more relaxed in its daily life than its neighbours. And compared to larger cities in the region, Zagreb remains the best kept secret for travellers. The charm of Zagreb has turned it over the past decade into one of the newest urban destinations to discover in Europe.

Zagreb old town

Strolling around the upper town, baroque palaces stand next to the Gothic cathedral or medieval cloisters. In contrast to the narrow cobbled streets of the Upper Town, Zagreb’s Lower Town (Donji Grad) is the dynamic heart of the city. This is where businesses, large hotels, museums, and shopping arcades are located. It’s also where the architecture of the grand houses remind visitors of the Vienna Ring Road or Budapest’s large boulevards.

The Lower Town offers a plethora of beautiful parks and gardens. And this is what Zagreb wants to promote this year. “Zagreb awaits you” is the new slogan of the city’s tourism authorities. As Europe recovers from the pandemic thanks to an accelerated vaccination programme, Zagreb wants to tell the world that it is eager to welcome the world again, especially by promoting open-air events.

The cultural life of the city, and its activities, have been adapted to the current situation. Therefore, this year, a dense calendar of open-air events awaits local citizens as well as visitors of the Croatian capital.  As an example, March saw the launch of a new project called “Street Tryptich” which enhanced Zagreb’s streets with art works. The special all-year programme of street exhibitions offers a cross-section of current local street art, and provides a great opportunity to enjoy Zagreb’s vibrant art scene.

The city is also preparing to welcome the 15th edition of INmusic festival, the biggest Croatian open-air event. The event with a special health safety protocol will take place from June 21 to 23 on the Island of Youth at Zagreb’s Lake Jarun. Zagreb is indeed back on the tourism stage!