Portugal: favourite among European destinations

The popularity of Portugal has recently been confirmed by the website “European Best Destinations”. A recent survey placed Portugal as the most highly-sought country in the last months, while the historic city of Braga has also been selected as the Best European Destination 2021.

Europe remains the number one tourist destination in the world, thanks to the very broad variety of its landscapes, the diversity of its climates and rich culture and history. And inside the continent, some countries benefit from an exceptionally good image.

This is the case for Portugal. The Southern European destination has generated a good deal of buzz over the past decade. And that’s not just because celebrities such as Madonna, John Malkovich, Monica Bellucci or Scarlett Johansson decided to settle there, but also because of the irresistible charms of Portuguese historical towns- Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Leira or Tomar; the magnificent seaside coast, a rich culture as well as its gastronomy and wines.

The website “European Best Destinations” is visited by more than six million travellers per year. Thanks to traffic data and research, the website was able to set up a ranking of the best countries to visit in 2021. And it is no surprise that Portugal was the most searched destination of “European Best Destinations”.

Seductive Braga

Indeed, the destination offers the perfect mix between a seaside holiday with its fabulous beaches and islands, and rich cultural experiences.

The historical city of Braga in Northern Portugal is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites of Portugal. It offers numerous historic buildings, as it has been a residence for Portugal’s archbishops since the 12th century.

Braga will not only appeal to lovers of history and architecture. The city is also a must-see destination for gourmets, as well as for shopping freaks, with its traditional craft shops and modern shopping malls. In the environs, the northeast is well known for nature lovers with the possibility of hiking in the mountains, in the Peneda-Geres National Park.